Citizens, States, and the Geography of the Future

This course has gone through two previous iterations.  It was originally called Rural and Regional Development in the Americas and later Citizens, States and Power in Regional Development and was the core course for students participating in the Colombia IFP.  The focus was on working with students to build a nuanced understanding of how the exercise of power is articulated within and through located cultural practices of labor and identity.  The region is the ideal level from which to work as through it you can see these operations at both the national/global and the local levels as well as their interactions.

The course will be offered again in Fall ’17 under a new title as it will be un-tethered from the Americas and the IFP.  Inspired by my experience in designing Corporate Vortex, (which served simultaneously as a map, timeline, data graphic, and aesthetic experience) the course will be reconfigured to explore core concepts (region/regionalization, space and place, scale, interstitiality, etc.) and specific cases.  Student projects will combine visualizations, statistics, and texts to create explorations of located economic practices, cultural discourses and political identities.